Vehicle theft is one of the most traumatic types of theft that can happen to anyone in today's world. Both the reliance that people put in their vehicle every day, and the large economic investments that make the car a major part of peoples' lives make theft detrimental to one's life. Often, when someone's car is stolen, it means filing a police report and hoping that they can find the car before it ends up being scrapped or stripped out. Needless to say, this method of finding a stolen car requires a lot of luck and quite honestly, a lot of trust in the justice system that people just don't have anymore. Thankfully, there is an alternative to this solution. By placing some sort of vehicle tracking device in a car or truck, the owner of the vehicle can find out where the thief took their car, and start working with the police on getting their vehicle back in a timely manner. Vehicle tracking isn't only useful for tracking down stolen cars though. Many parents who have just begun letting their teens start driving don't quite trust them completely yet. So a vehicle tracking solution helps add peace of mind for tracking down the kid who has been habitually breaking the rules, or just breaking the curfew that the parents established. Tracking isn't just limited to personal use, either. Many businesses find that too many employees take advantage of company owned cars, using them to make trips for personal gain and spending time on the clock doing things that are in no way related to their job. With vehicle tracking, business managers and owners can keep tab on their employees at all times. With all these uses for vehicle tracking devices, practically anyone can find a personal use in the devices and will benefit from their use.