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Vehicle Tracking Comes To Luxury Car Security Systems

Posted by Conrad
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on Wednesday, 14 December 2011 in Uncategorized

A visual VROOM! hit the internet this week as Porsche released pictures and information regarding the newest iteration of its 911 model. Along with a behemoth 350-400 horsepower engine and a convertible top, the new Porsche offers a new standard feature to give its drivers increased peace of mind: vehicle tracking.

Porsche not only offers the system as standard equipment but has increased frequency so that the system can be tracked across state lines and even if the car is shipped to another country. The system, the company claims, can reduce insurance premiums and give drivers added security when they go to park their new sports car.

Porsche is not alone in offering GPS tracking devices on their luxury cars. In the last few years, Lexus has introduced Lexus Link, a suite of security and location services to ensure that you will never be locked out and your car will never be stolen. GM vehicles all come equipped with the OnStar system that not only notifies medical personnel if you are in an accident but also offers police your vehicle's exact location and the speed your car is traveling.

As components for these systems have become cheaper and more available, more companies have been offering them. As the technology becomes required equipment, fleet owners and corporate car owners have also increased their participation in vehicle tracking systems. Trucking, limo and taxi companies now use fleet management systems to lower gas prices, better plan routes and, most of all, prevent theft.

According to the 2010 Census, auto thefts have been dropping steadily since 2008 and are expected to continue as GPS tracking devices make it easier and easier to make vehicle tracking standard equipment on both your Porsche and your company cement truck.

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