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Tracker ExecuSAT is proving to be extremely valuable to the transport environment, offering a real time tracking, monitoring and communications solution available via satellite throughout South Africa and sub-Sahara African countries, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

ExecuSAT offers a complete remote monitoring solution for the transport industry, which offers operators huge competitive advantages and increased operating efficiency as a result of cost saving and increased equipment uptime. ExecuSAT offers an easily installable and user configurable software package with the option of displaying information to suit all requests via the internet, which is accessible from any computer, with a unique user name and password.

ExecuSAT combines satellite and radio frequency technology to deliver reliable fleet management. Users can receive regular reports and alarms via preferred means, including e-mail and cellular phone. This provides both the distributer and customer with near real time position and vital information on their fleets.

The information available to the user is both current and historical data with speed and location displaying co-ordinates (Latitude/Longitude) of the vehicle. ExecuSAT enables the efficient control and monitoring of assets in all weather conditions, round-the-clock, and in near-to-real time.

By directly connecting a business with its remote assets, it provides simple yet powerful control, regardless of the location of personnel or assets.

ExecuSAT’s latest satellite transceiver with integrated antenna weighs less than 1 kg and measures an incredible 163mm (l) x 107mm (W) x 36mm (H). The terminals use very little power and have been designed to withstand the most hostile environments.


Monitoring and Control Solution for Environmental, Water Management and Transport industries

Summary of product benefits:

  • Ideal for cross-border and no GSM coverage areas.
  • Automatic alarms to key staff for geo-fence violations, driver behaviour.
  • 24 hour / 7 day web access to information.
  • Reliable operation in any weather due to the use of geo-stationary satellite technology and rugged, low power transceivers.
  • Simple customised user interface.
  • System access from any location or terminal with an internet connection.
  • The range of products incorporates a total solution developed to enable the monitoring and control of assets in all-weather conditions, around-the-clock, and in near-to-real time.
  • Integrated with Tracker ExecuFleet software, vehicles using ExecuFleet and ExecuSAT can be monitored off the same platform.
  • The ability to know the whereabouts of vehicles at all times from anywhere in South Africa (Internet Access).
  • Route planning and optimisation.
  • Improved driver security while in South Africa.
  • Gives companies the fleet management knowledge to offer clients faster, more reliable and affordable service.
  • Ability to replay trip information.
  • SMS and email event notifications.

  • ExecuSAT’s cost advantage

  • Low bandwidth usage results in low cost to the customer.
  • No GSM variable cost, fixed monthly costs for contract duration.
  • Satellite costs include 10, 15, or 30 minute position reporting options.